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California Mandates Solar Power for all New Homes by 2020.

All New Houses, Condos, and Apartments up to three stories tall will have solar power in 2020. It is estimated fewer than 20% of new homes now have solar.

The California Energy Commission voted last Wednesday to adopt solar power mandate. California will be the first such state to adopt such a policy and they expect others to follow suite. This increase represents a 6 fold jump compared to the current use of solar in new homes. This historic decision is estimated to add $8,400-$12,500 to the current cost of building a home, varying on its location. However savings on energy bills will offset those upfront costs over time. The energy commission estimated will save $19,000 in utility costs over the life of a 30 year mortgage not even considering the environmental benefits. It is also estimated a new home build will cut carbon dioxide emissions by almost 30 percent.

Beyond just solar, the proposed energy rules would require improvements in insulation tin the walls and attics of new homes including more efficient windows, water heaters and other appliances.

Once thing is for sure, all other 49 states will be watching closely to see what will happen. Some critics calling this a big mistake based on the theory this was based on today's technology and not tomorrows. However most have supported and welcomed the solar mandate. Whats your feelings, we would love to know . Add a comment or send us a message

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