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Spring Is Here, Spruce Your Landscape up with these simple ideas.

Transform any garden into the perfect spring time retreat #gardentime #springgardening #homegardening

May is finally here, the ground should be moist and the time to prepare our garden for summer starts now. Your home and its landspape go hand in hand. Did you know that a buyers perception of the inside of a home is made just from viewing it from the outside. This is knows as curb appeal, nothing says it better than an organized garden that matches your homes design, theme and decor. Also, it has been estimated that a homes value with mature landscape may bring in an additional 15% over a home that does not.

The first thing to realize is you don't need to have a green thumb, a lot of money to spend or even a large yard to make a big impact. Its all about the flow, colors and how they play off each other. A gardens landscape should be welcoming, neatly organized and provoke emotion or feeling such joy, peace, or even relaxation. A common plant that can fit into any landscape are succulents. Succulents are part of the cactus family therefor they are extremely tolerant of droughts, regularly flower and comes in all shapes sizes or colors. Regardless if your home is a Colonial, Mediterranean, Spanish or Craftsman succulents will have a place in your garden and will not complete with your basic landscape foundation. After visiting any local nursery you will be impressed to see the colors and designs of all the succulents available today. Succulents look especially attractive in pots and even as ground cover.

The other consideration to build a perfect landscape is to match the design of the landscape to your home type. A Georgian Colonial home would be best suited with Italian Cypress, Roses, hedges and a formal looking garden. Whereas a Spanish or Tuscan home could incorporate a tropical feel such as palm trees, birds of paradise etc based on earth tones of the design. Its unfortunate when you see a property that has a mismatching landscape however its a common site.

If you are ready to have the best looking yard in your neighborhood this summer start now with making sure your landscape matches your home design and add succulents anywhere you can. Make sure to have a little fun and be creative. Use pots or any garden art for that extra pop that you enjoy and transform your yard into your perfect retreat this summer.

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