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The Hometown Loans Difference.

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

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Whats the HTL difference? It starts with of our two core principals that are very dear to us such as "borrower loans matter" and "no home owner left behind" Instilled in each staff member is the pursuit of always putting the clients needs ahead of our own and never forgetting this. This means obsessively caring about the borrowers loan with great compassion at all times, never compromising our integrity.

Borrower loans matter at Hometown Loans. You are not just a number or a loan process. Your loan is important to us regardless of your loans size or difficulty of your application. Some mortgage companies will cherry pick application and only assist those that are willing to take a high rate or an easy loan. We welcome the most difficult loans or the most savviest shopper looking for a specific rate. You can expect the best working with Hometown Loans.

No homeowner left behind is movement that we have embraced that focuses on undeserved homeowners who are often over looked when it comes to home ownership because of their low income, past credit, or language barrier. We believe no homeowner should be left behind because of this. As part of our arsenal of programs we are able to assist those with limited income, challenging credit and always treat each person with any language barrier with patience and kindness. We believe treating each person we encounter with kindness and doing our job with a passion regardless of their background. You should never feel intimated to speak with a mortgage company and should always feel you can ask questions. We welcome all questions and encourage you to speak up if there is anything you are ever unclear about during the loan process, we are in this together.

Hometown Loans is not a retail call center. We are a family owed mortgage company that focuses on offering the best rates and most flexible loan programs available to borrowers in today's market. We provide individualized care to each client tailoring each loan to their specific needs.

Ready to learn more, call us today and ask see for yourself what the HTL difference is like! Call 1-877-353-9527

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